Julie T. Springsteen

My Work

Pal's Place Rescue

Developed and maintained a website for a no-kill dog rescue in the City of Chicago based on shelter needs and specifications. Since 2005, Pal's Place Rescue has saved over 2,000 dogs from being euthanized.

File of Names

Wrote and debugged a VB.NET application which could read from and write to a sequential access file. The program reads a list of names, prints them, gives the user an opportunity to add additional names, and stores them to the file.

Fast Food Project

Wrote a VB.NET program which calculates the cost of food items in a fast food restaurant. The application calculates total number of items purchased, adds the tax, and provides a total.

Reading a Sequential Access File

Wrote and debugged a VB.NET application which reads a string of integers from a sequential access file, divides these integers into number sets, and performs calculations on each set.